Heraklion and the Crete generally, are destinations that begs you to discover! The place and its people, with the very rare and local characteristics, constitute a unique travel destination that deserves you to live! Discover your Crete, hidden in every corner of the island...


Wind serfing: The endless beach of Amoudara, is the ideal destination for lovers of wind serfing when the wind offers a wonderful spectacle with big waves.

Technopolis: In multiplex "Technopolis", just 500m. from the Pension Anna, guests can enjoy one of the many concerts organized every year by famous artists or watch cinema. In "Technopolis", there are also options for food and coffee, as well as a playground.

Pilgrimages to the center: For lovers of the Orthodox tradition, the center of Heraklion, offers a walking tour on known or lesser known shrines. The Cathedral of St. Titus, St. Minas church, the St. Matthew - dependency of Sinai - are just some of the shrines that you can visit in a few hours!

Walking by the sea: At the height of "Talos" mall, leave your car and enjoy an idyllic stroll by the sea. The water colors and the breeze of Minoan Sea will be unforgettable!

Visit the Fortress "Koules": The medieval castle known as sea's fortress, is located at the entrance of the Venetian harbor. Along with hundreds of visitors, walk the fort until the edge of the harbor. The cosmopolitan spirit will enchant you!

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